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  • 14oz Stainless Steel Mug

    14oz Stainless Steel Mug

    14oz stainless steel thermal travel mug. The insulated interior keeps your drink warm or cool and comes with a secure screw l...

    From £2.38 each

  • Americano® Grande Thermal Mug

    Americano® Grande Thermal Mug

    For a modern alternative to traditional thermal mugs look no further than our Americano® Grande. This versatile mug has...

    From £3.62 each

  • Americano® Thermal Mug

    Americano® Thermal Mug

    The Americano® Thermal mug is made in Britain giving you a high quality ultra durable product with a low carbon footprin...

    From £3.26 each

  • Balmoral China

    Balmoral China

    BALMORAL BONE CHINA MUG in White. Stylish Promotional Mug Combining Elegant Design with a Large Print Area. Size: 89mm x 72mm...

    From £2.62 each

  • Balmoral China Dyesub

    Balmoral China Dyesub

    Balmoral bone China mug in white. Stylish promotional mug combining elegant design with a large print area. Size: 89mm x 72mm...

    From £3.99 each

  • Brite-americano Primo Mug

    Brite-americano Primo Mug

    The compact size of our Primo mug has been designed to fit within standard vending machines for a practical yet stylish way t...

    From £2.35 each

  • Brite-americano Thermal Mug

    Brite-americano Thermal Mug

    Our Brite-Americano® gives the bestselling Americano Thermal mug a full colour makeover! It offers all of the great bene...

    From £3.56 each

  • Brite-americano® Medio Mug

    Brite-americano® Medio Mug

    The Medio Mug is a versatile and budget friendly alternative to the original Americano Mug. It has a single walled design and...

    From £2.56 each

  • Budget Buster Durham Mug

    Budget Buster Durham Mug

    If your budget is key then our Budget Buster mugs could be the answer! The Durham mug is available printed in one colour in o...

    From £1.61 each

  • Budget Durham Style Photomug

    Budget Durham Style Photomug

    A low cost budget mug printed by dye sublimation; providing high print quality and bright colourful images. The average perso...

    From £3.02 each

  • Cambridge


    Cambridge ceramic pottery mug in white. Best selling classic mug a perfect choice to carry your promotional message. Size: 90...

    From £1.90 each

  • Can Cup

    Can Cup

    For a modern and eye-catching way to promote your brand we offer our cool Can Cup! This funky item is styled to look like a f...

    From £2.21 each

  • Classic Mug

    Classic Mug

    Don't take the risk of your brand vanishing when a mug gets broken! Choose one of our long lasting hardwearing and virtually...

    From £2.26 each

  • Corporate Earthenware Mug

    Corporate Earthenware Mug

    The Corporate mug holds the core shape of the stylish marrow whilst attaining the angular lines of the Sparta mug handle. Ide...

    From £1.94 each

  • Darwin Earthenware Mug

    Darwin Earthenware Mug

    The Darwin has a larger curved handle and a stylish curved body which is a perfect size for any hot drink.

    From £1.98 each


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Promotional mugs are a fantastic way to get your brand right in front of your clients eyes. Every time your audience takes a sip, your message will be visible. Have a look at our new Deco Dye Sublimation mug for an example of how to really make your brand pop.

The longevity you get from a promotional mug is beyond that of many other branded products. Most people will keep their mug for years, so choosing the right artwork is imperative. Steel City Marketing offer you guidance through the array of branding options available to ensure that your promotional mug stands out from the crowd.