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  • Ds1 Tpp

    Ds1 Tpp

    Only the DS1 features the dot with its eye-catching combination options. In total up to six areas can be printed on the DS1 -...

    From £0.64 each

  • Ds10 Psr

    Ds10 Psr

    The high-quality writing instrument makes its impact through the contrast of its well-designed metal clip to the velvety soft...

    From £2.02 each

  • Ds2 Pmm

    Ds2 Pmm

    The slim push button with its long side wings and elegantly contoured clip give the DS2 an unmistakeable look. The sides of t...

    From £0.89 each

  • Ds3 Tff

    Ds3 Tff

    True design classics are rare. They retain their fascination above and beyond short-term fashions and trends. The DS3 is one...

    From £0.66 each

  • Ds3 Trr

    Ds3 Trr

    Available in four velvety soft colours orange dark red classic blue and black. The DS3 Soft Touch is a treat for both your ey...

    From £1.08 each

  • Ds3.1 Ttt

    Ds3.1 Ttt

    An icon cannot be improved on only developed further. Designers refer to this as ?evolution?. In the case of the DS3.1 the cl...

    From £0.82 each

  • Ds5 Tff

    Ds5 Tff

    If you look at the DS5 carefully from behind you will discover reflected within its form the number that gave it its name: 5....

    From £0.69 each

  • Ds7 Paa

    Ds7 Paa

    Hidden within its elegant body surface there is an innovative mechanism with a push button in the middle of the body surface....

    From £1.16 each

  • Ds8 Ppp

    Ds8 Ppp

    With the DS8 Prodir gives the classical triangular pen shape a contemporary interpretation.

    From £0.97 each

  • Ds9 Pmm

    Ds9 Pmm

    Viewing the DS9 from different angles is an exciting experience. The rounded end gradually evolves into the oval shape of the...

    From £0.97 each

  • Qs01 Pmt

    Qs01 Pmt

    A fine rhythmic triangular structure characterises the casing surface of the QS01. The pattern is introduced during the injec...

    From £1.41 each

  • Qs20 Pmp

    Qs20 Pmp

    The QS20 converts the principle of three-dimensional design of the casing surface into an object with sculptural effect. The...

    From £1.48 each


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Our superb range of promotional Prodir pens are number one for quality and style. The name Prodir shouts innovation and utility combined. If you want a pen that stands out amongst it's companions then you should look no further than a promotional Prodir pen.

The Prodir pen range comes with a variety of printing options. They can also be printed to a variety of areas; you will be surprised by how much information can be displayed on a simple promotional pen! There are also a wide range of colours to choose from so you will easily find something to compliment your logo or design.

We recommend that you check out the Prodir DS3 Ballpen. This plastic pen is a classic and looks great with any logo. The pen is durable and sure to be the one that your client wants to carry around with them all the time. Call now to speak with one of specialist sales team members!