Be More Leo

Born between 23rd July and August 22nd, Leo is known to be incredibly stylish, a natural leader and highly competitive. So do you fancy the challenge to “Be More Leo?” 

Be Stylish

When out networking or touring the conference scene, “Be More Leo” and make your stylish presence felt (and those of your team) with the help of quality accessories.

Be a Natural Leader

Leo’s are born with a natural desire to take on any project and lead the way. So to help you “Be More Leo” and equip you with all the tools you need to be super organised, why not arm yourself with a stylish (obviously) personal organizer and watch people take note of your leadership skills.

Be Competitive

There’s nothing like a little challenge to bring out the natural competitive spirit in a Leo. So why not “Be More Leo” and put yourself forward and bring that award home.

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