Be More Libra

Born between 23rd September and October 22nd, Libras are known to be peaceful, social and intuitive. So do you fancy the challenge to “Be More Libra?” 

Be Peaceful

Libra’s are known to be harmonious, diplomatic and peaceful.  So why not “Be More Libra” and relax the body and mind with a branded fidget cube? Or if you prefer, one of these branded stress items could help to de-stress and reach your inner zen!

Be Social

Why not “Be More Libra” and get socialising with clients at events or conferences. Or better still, organise your own event and impress attendees with a branded lanyard or branded name badge.

Be Intuitive

Libra’s are very good at reading other people and so are naturally intuitive. “Be More Libra” and help to prevent any issues with your clients technical devices with a branded power bank. That way you can ensure that they will never have to go without their phone or laptop/tablet.

Please get in touch with the Steel City team to discuss your branded merchandise needs by phone on 0114 275 4150 or email [email protected].
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