Great product ideas for a tidy desk and tidy mind

With Spring upon us, now is a great opportunity to have a good clean and tidy. And this can happen whether you are based at the office or at home. There are so many health benefits too – tidy desk, tidy mind! Here are some products we think might help.

Microfibre Lens Cloth

Do you find yourself staring at your computer screen with smudge marks right in your line of sight? What about the “cloudy screen” on your mobile devices? A simple product such as the Microfibre Lens Cloth can resolve these problems. Unlike normal cloths, a microfiber cleaning cloth picks the dirt and debris up off the surface and traps it in the fibre pattern in the cloth. This is why they are recommended for more delicate surfaces.A great tip is to shake the cloth out before each use or give it a delicate wash once every week or two. Remember it will have accumulated all that dust from your desktop and devices and can only hold so much! The cloth is such a handy item to keep in your draw at work or in the car or at your office at home. Just visualise all your clean screens and imagine how much more productive your day will be.

Smart Cube 4

If your desk is a mess, it can have a big impact on your productivity as you struggle to get your tasks done. Working in a cluttered environment can also be very distracting, making it difficult to keep focused. More importantly, you need to think about the impression you are making with potential clients.

We think we have found a great solution with the smart cube 4. A creative cube that has multiple storage options for pens, a smartphone stand, accessories and note sheets. If you are excited about how great this will look on your desk, just think how excited your customers might feel to receive one too.


The Computer Power Sweeper

When it comes to taking care of your computer, how well do you do? Do you eat over it? Do you clean it? Do you occasionally tip your keyboard upside down and then sweep the debris away (with your hand ) into the bin? Or do you do the keyboard “tip and tap” over the bin. Well done if you do – less cleaning for you!Keeping your keyboard clean is highly recommended, particularly if you want to keep bad bugs and bacteria at bay. Here is a great product to help clean your computer. It comprises of a computer screen wipe to one side and a keyboard brush to the other. The plastic case offers huge branding opportunities too. Let’s make just keyboard tipping a thing of the past.

PushClean Wipes

If you take on the Spring Clean challenge, you will definitely love these wipes. They come in a range of solutions to clean an array of surfaces including LCD screens, dashboards or use as an antibacterial wipe. The label on the lid can be printed to full colour to your own specification too. Clean those screens, wipe away the dust and make those drink marks disappear and enjoy that clean, fresh feeling.
84625Push Clean

If you are interested in any of these products, please contact the Steel City team either by email or call us on 0114 275 4150.

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