Other Services

Virtual Samples

By using the quick and easy tools you can instantly make a Virtual Sample of any one of the 1000ís of products featured on Steel City Marketingís Website and then with a couple of clicks email these directly to yourself.
If you need to make a virtual sample but the item already has a logo on it? No problem, just use the patented instant logo removal tool and in seconds with a few clicks of the mouse, the logo will disappear leaving the product ready to accept your clients logo or message. Ask you account manager to walk you through this process.


Wherever possible, artwork should be submitted via email or hardcopy with Pantone colours where appropriate. Unless otherwise agreed with the sales department, assume that 100% colours should be used. If however, you are not in a position to do this, we can offer a quick and efficient design service.
Please send any logo, company name style and associated design item as large as possible in colour, and black and white (if in any doubt please send anything which may be of use ie:- letter-headed paper, business cards etc).

Creation of new artwork or amendments to existing artwork are chargeable. Artwork is charged at cost.

Any fonts or scans used in the document should also be submitted, as should a hard copy of the finished document indicating colours where appropriate.

An easy option for the fonts is to convert them to outline/paths if possible. Also bare in mind that scans with very low resolution can result in a poor quality output and may have to be redrawn.

File Format

Please where possible save documents as editable vector graphics. Freehand and Quark files etc, can be used as long as they are saved as an 'eps'.

Files saved as Tiffs, Jpegs, PDFs or other file formats not mentioned above may need to be redrawn. If in doubt please give us a call.

For more details on our services or help with any artwork please call to speak to the team on:- (0114) 275 4150