Promotional Gifts Statistics

Promotional Gifts Statistics: BPMA Industry Research

The largest study to date into the effects of promotional gifts was undertaken by the BPMA in 2011. Targeting a wealth of business men and women throughout a range of industry sectors, they sought to ascertain the effect that promotional gifts had on their intended audience. The results shine positive light onto how marketing campaigns can benefit from the use of promotional products and what return on investment (ROI) can they expect.

Stephen Barker , BPMA Board Director said of the findings: "promotional items achieve a comparable ROI to media requiring a much larger outlay and it enables companies with a modest marketing budget to punch above their weight in terms of the level of exposure achieved."

One area which particularly piqued the interest of marketers was the emotive reaction that gift giving evoked. Promotional gifts were found to achieve significant success in creating brand awareness, trust and loyalty in the receiver, highlighting the positive effect this relationship has on branding and sales.

Promotional Gift Statistics You Cannot Ignore!

  • 66% of participants stated that they were still aware of the brand who sent the promotional gift a year later.
  • 79% of people agreed that they were likely to work with that business again in the future.
  • A resounding 84% of respondents said that a branded promotional product effectively increased their brand awareness.
  • 56% stated that receiving a promotional item made their opinion of the brand in question more favourable after the receipt of a gift, with over 87% keeping said gift for longer than a year.

When looking at the gift giving spectrum, it is interesting to note that 63% of people who took part decided that they would rather receive a promotional gift which was branded. Other preferences proved a leniency toward gifts which provided utility. 45% of people asked stated that their first choice would be a promotional USB, which correlates with the fact that the item voted most useful was also this product, with a 21% share of the vote.

Choosing The Perfect Promotional Gift

  • Ranking among the most popular products were pens, chosen by 39% of people asked. Another 39% decided they would like an electrical item and 36% chose a mug.
  • The promotional mug came out top for the length of time kept by a recipient with 18%.
  • Other products deemed with the highest longevity for a recipient were a USB stick at 15%, electrical products at 11% and writing instruments with 10%.
  • The products ranking with the highest longevity for a recipient were a USB stick at 15%, electrical products at 11% and writing instruments with 10%.
  • A massive 87% stated that they would keep hold of a promotional gift for longer than a year. 33% said they would keep it for up to two years and 30% confirmed that it could be in their possession for up to four years.

This survey was commissioned by the BPMA in Summer 2011 through ActionPoint Marketing Solutions Ltd. They conducted the survey online using a selection of business professionals from a variety of sectors in the UK.