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Promotional Mousemats

Armadillo Welded Mouse Mat

When targeting your campaign or advertising to the office or the home PC user, Mousemats are one of the best ways to get a message across. With large print areas and the usability factor mousemats, wrist rests and computer mice are items that will be kept and used time and time again.

Crystal Armadillo Mat Rest

Common requirements for Mousemats, wrist rests and computer mice range from exhibition giveaways, staff incentive schemes, mail shots and executive business gifts, so this really means that any company from the smallest sole trader to the largest of PLC’s would gain benefit from the use of mousemats as a promotional item.

The range and choice of mousemats is constantly evolving and has had to do so with the technical developments in computing mousing. “Balled” computer mice have now been phased out with the introduction of optical computer mice, so the mousemat has had to develop too. A huge choice of surface finishes mean that something is available to meet a budget or a specific user. This could be the rigid Brite-Mats, the flexible hard top, welded armadillo mousemats or wrist rests to aid correct mousing or typing. Computer mice come in all shapes and sizes, wired and wireless, micro for use with laptops. There are even liquid filled computer mice.

For further information on our promotional mousemats, computer mice or wrist rests or if you require a QuickQuote feel free to call, email or send a web enquiry to a member of our sales team who will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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