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  • Austin Power Bank 4000 Mah

    Austin Power Bank 4000 Mah

    This 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer Grade A battery is enough to charge smartphones MP3 players and more. Reusable pow...

    From £13.42 each

  • Bloc Power Bank 2600mah

    Bloc Power Bank 2600mah

    2600mAh power bank with big branding potential. High gloss white finish with coloured edges. DC5V 1A output DC5V 1A. Supplied...

    From £6.24 each

  • Edge Power Bank 2000mah

    Edge Power Bank 2000mah

    This compact design power bank with a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery provides enough power to charge smartphones M...

    From £4.90 each

  • Jive Power Bank 2000mah

    Jive Power Bank 2000mah

    2000 mAh battery capacity with LED indicator for charging process. Reusable power bank charges via included USB cable in abou...

    From £4.54 each

  • Lumi 2200 Power Bank And Torch

    Lumi 2200 Power Bank And Torch

    Anodised aluminium power bank / emergency charger with 2200mAh and built in torch. Great design with handy strap that can be...

    From £7.87 each

  • Power Bank - Evo 2200

    Power Bank - Evo 2200

    The Evo 2200 is a portable power bank charger designed to charge your smart phone and other devices while on the go. The Evo...

    From £5.74 each

  • Power Bank Keox

    Power Bank Keox

    2000mAh power bank with strap attachment. Coloured micro USB cable included. Recharge by USB port. Individually boxed. Suitab...

    From £5.31 each

  • Power Bank Thazer

    Power Bank Thazer

    2200mA aluminium power bank including a USB cable with Micro USB charger. Recharge by PC or USB port. Ideal for use while tra...

    From £5.95 each

  • Power Pak Mini 3300mah Power Bank

    Power Pak Mini 3300mah Power Bank

    Slimline power bank with handy 3300mAh capacity and LED charge indicator. High gloss finish and large flat print area gives t...

    From £9.09 each

  • Volt Alu Power Bank 2200mah

    Volt Alu Power Bank 2200mah

    The 2200 mAh battery capacity on this power bank is enough to charge a mobile device or tablet (5V/1A). Power bank charges vi...

    From £4.64 each


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Powerbanks and chargers are really popular in the branded merchandise world.  Powerbanks provide an additional battery boost to your mobile phone or your tablet.  It can get you out of a lot of trouble when you are looking to make that call, send that email or search for something on-line.  As itís a battery itís very unlikely that people are just going to dispose of it without consideration. It clearly has an absolute powerful use within someoneís day to day life. It can be that subtle product thatís kept with them at all times, fully charged up, ready for when you need it. Similarly, chargers allow you to both charge devices and often can transfer data from one device to another - an invaluable branded item to have.